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Family Photo

Friday, October 10, 2008

My Date With The Trash Man

Throughout the week, Noah asks about the trash truck. His phrase usually sounds like this: "Stash suck? Stash suck wokeen. Yah." We've had to tell him that on every day other than Friday the trash truck is "working" which is why we don't see him. Fridays is the day that our trash is picked up and also the day that Noah looks forward to all week. In Noah's mind, this is the day that the trash truck is "not working" because we get to see him. Every Friday morning, Noah wakes up to the beeping of the trash truck. I run into his room and remind him that it is trash truck Friday and he asks for "outside." I open the shutters on his window and he stands in his crib and gets a birds eye view of the trash truck picking up the trash down our alley way. Then we change his diaper, throw on some shoes and run outside as I wipe the sleep from my eyes and hope I don't see any of my neighbors. We follow the trash truck up and down each alley way on our street and the trash man waves to us each and every time he turns out of each alley way...Sheesh...the things we do for our kids. Three years ago, I would have never guessed that I'd be up at the crack of dawn every Friday (my day off) chasing the nasty smelly trash truck in my pajamas while hoping the driver waves to me. Now I find myself counting down the days in anticipation of Trash Truck Fridays with Noah. 


Jen Resendez said...

He looks so cute waiting at the window! :)

Pamee said...

YOU are a GREAT Mommy!!!! I LOVE that you would chase the trash truck!!!