Family Photo

Family Photo

Friday, October 10, 2008

A Day at the Apple Farm

Today we went to the Apple Farms at Oak Glen. I have never been before and I must say it was such a treat! We all loved it. First we went to pick a pumpkin. I love real pumpkin patches where the pumpkins are still attached to the vine...we didn't find a good pumpkin though...we ended up getting one from WalMart later in the day...but the Pumpkin patch was still fun. 

We didn't leave the patch empty-handed, we found ourselves a wandering goat who I think was plagued with mad-goat disease. Is there such a thing? Anyways, above is a picture of the goat banging his head against a barrel. Noah wasn't really sure what to do about that. Then below is a picture of the goat following us down the hill. He would stop when we stopped and would wait for us to catch up with him. We were a little wary of him because he just looked possessed or something. He ended up in the general store where they caught him and took him back to his cage. 
I thought this bench was a cute place for Noah to take a picture and I told him to put his hands up for it. The look on his face says it all, "My mom is as crazy as that goat standing next to her. Why am I raising my hands for no reason?"

The apple picking was the best part. We all had so much fun. 

I don't know if this is considered stealing or not, but I wanted to make sure these apples tasted good so I took a bite of one and then gave it to Noah. He loved it and he shared! 
I was too busy posing for pictures and picking apples to pay attention to what Maia was doing. 

Noah, at the end of the day, so happy to be going home with a bag full of apples that he picked himself. 

It was almost a perfect day until we got in the car to go home. Maia screamed the entire way home  and I once again contemplated throwing myself out of the vehicle to escape the madness. 


Jen Resendez said...

It looks like you had so much fun! You have the cutest little family! :)

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh how fun! I have been wanting to take Madi and now I really have the itch after seeing these pictures. Your family is so cute!