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Family Photo

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Words with Toddlers

My kids say the funniest things. When they say these types of things, I try to store them in my memory bank until I can make it to a computer to blog about them. However, being pregnant and semi-crazy does not lend itself to remembering things. So, many of those things are long lost. But, today I did remember a couple of things that my kids said recently.

A couple weeks ago Maia was trying to tell me that "cows eat hay" but, she forgot the word "cow" so she said: "Moos eat hay mommy."

Noah wanted to play with the Play-doh, but couldn't quite remember the word:
"After dinner mommy, can you get the potato out for me to play with?"

Maia: (Loudly in a public setting) I gotta go poop!
Me: (Whispering to her) You mean you have to go potty?
Maia: No, I don't have to go potty. I gotta go POOP!

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