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Family Photo

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tidbits From This Weekend

* Maia decided to throw one of her daily tantrums while on the beach on Saturday in front of an audience. She plunged herself face first into the sand protesting my decision to take the shovel away from her. Then, in an effort to really sock it to me, she picked up a handful of sand and shoved it in her mouth. Immediately, she realized the mistake she'd made. Mommy and Daddy were not reacting as she intended. Instead, we both turned around and stifled our laughter. Then, we just watched her to see what she would do next. She discreetly tried to rid her mouth the grainy substance, pushing it out slowly with her tongue, all while keeping a pouty face to assure us that she was still angry. Definitely, a tantrum to remember.

* Conversation while paying for parking at the beach:
Ricky: HOLY CRAP! $15.00 for parking? This is ridiculous!
Noah: Daddy? (Thoughtful pause) Did you just say a naughty word?
Me: Yes, he did Noah, and daddy is sorry. Right, Babe?
Ricky: Yes, daddy shouldn't have said that word.
Noah: Next time when you wanna say that word, you should say, 'Aww nuts' instead. Kay Daddy?
Ricky: Okay Noah.

* Ricky, Maia, and Noah have all been sick with a cold, so the kids have been asking why they get sick? Here are the reasons they've come up with...
Maia: Maybe the sun got Noah sick
Noah: I think it's cuz I watched too much t.v.
Maia: Daddy ate too much sugar, that's why he's sick
Noah: I think it's cuz daddy didn't eat all his vej-a-vuls.

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