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Family Photo

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Scale

You know that scale in the doctor's office that is always broken and adds about 5 pounds to your true weight? Well, I hate that scale. The last time I was on it, was about 9 weeks into my pregnancy and it said I'd gained 8 pounds in 9 weeks! Ridiculous! What's worse is that they would not let me take my shoes off nor did any amount of my begging get them to lower my weight by 5 pounds on my chart because of my shoes.
So, for my 12 week doctor's appointment, I came prepared to challenge that stupid scale to a duel. I wore the lightest Summer dress I could find in my closet and flip flops that only weighed 1 pound as opposed to my 5 pound wedges. Holding a steady gaze on that little screen, I stepped up onto the scale daring it to disappoint me again. It beeped and beeped and beeped again toying with the idea of giving me an unsatisfactory number but then thought better of it fearing my violent reaction. And what'dya know? I weighed 4 pounds less than the last time! Woo Hoo! I showed that scale who was boss and I will never wear jeans and wedges to the doctor ever again.


Chuck said...

You go girl!!!! I love when you take on technology and win!

Emma-leigh said...

How funny! I hate that scale.. It disappoints everytime for me!