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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Emotional Wreck

Oh my gosh! I am a complete mess...I blame pregnancy hormones. I just dropped the kids off at separate houses for the night for the first time ever. I cried like a baby the whole way home (well until Ricky bought me ice cream). My mother-in-law who usually watches Maia on Thursdays is going to San Diego for a couple of days and asked to take Maia with her since it falls on her babysitting day. I thought it was a great idea and a great way for Maia to get some one on one time with her "Bamma." But, when I dropped Maia off tonight, she cried and cried as she watched us leave. She never does that, but because Noah was not there with her, it was different. I know that she will be fine, but my pregnancy hormones are making everything so much more dramatic. I just can't stop crying. She is so used to being with Noah everywhere. He is her comfort. She never cries when I leave her places because he is there with her. They've never slept overnight in separate rooms let alone separate houses! Can you tell I'm emotional about this?

I knew that the first day of pre-school would be tough. I know that the first day of kindergarten, Jr. High, and High School graduation will be hard. I am prepared to be a mess when I see them off to college and watch them get married. But, I was NOT prepared for the first time they would spend the night in separate houses.

I'm telling you, this pregnancy is going to land me in the mental institution. Sheesh!

**I called this morning and my sweet mother-in-law assured me that she slept in the same room as Maia so that she wouldn't be lonely and Maia slept great and woke up happy as can be. Now they are off for a fun vacation!

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