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Family Photo

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Toddler Conversations

Ever since Noah and Maia were away from each other for a couple of days, Noah has been very sweet to his sister. (I can't say the same for Maia...the bite mark on Noah's arm is all the evidence you need to tell that). The other day, Noah sat in her chair while she was away from it, but when she came back, he kindly gave it to her and apologized for sitting in it. Today, when getting into the car, he let her go first announcing, "Ladies always go first." However, my favorite picture of his kindness toward her happened on our walk to the car after church. Noah gently placed his hand on Maia's back as they walked...

Noah: What story did you learn in your class today Maia?
Maia: We had a story about Jesus.
Noah: (taking her hand) Oh, that's a good story.
Maia: What story did you learn Noah?
Noah: We had a story about Jesus too! (Noah, then eyed their crafts and noticed the differences) Why is your Jesus so big?
Maia: Oh because my Jesus has a heart in his belly.
Noah: Ooooh! My Jesus has a door on his heart.
Maia: Oh!

Normally, this would lead to a brawl over whose "Jesus" was better. But, today they appreciated the differences in the "Jesus" crafts and continued to walk hand in hand to the car ever so sweetly. Toddlers are so entertaining!

Maia's "Jesus"

Noah's "Jesus"

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