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Family Photo

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Conversations with My Kids Today

Eating dinner and talking with Noah. He explained something to me...

Me: "Oh that makes sense."
Noah: "Why did you say that word?"
Me: "What word?"
Noah: "That word."
Me: "That makes sense?"
Noah: "Yeah."
Me: "Because when you understand something, you say 'That makes sense.'"
Noah: "Well I don't like that word. You shouldn't say it anymore."
Me: "Okay. If it bothers you that much, I won't say it anymore."
Noah: "Kay."

I was talking with Ricky about how my sister-in-law was currently in labor and that they had just broken her water. Maia was listening intently to our conversation...

Maia: "Why her water broke?"
Me: "When babies are in the tummy, they are in water. So, when they come out the water comes out."
Maia: "You have a cup of water in your tummy?"
Me: "No. It's more like the baby is swimming in water."
Maia: "You have a big pool in your tummy?"
Me: "No, a big pool wouldn't fit in my tummy."
Maia: "You have a cuzzi in your tummy? The baby is swimming in it?"
Me: "Yup."
Maia: "Oh!"

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Amy Clarke ~Make-up Artist said...

I love your blog and this post made me laugh out loud! I look forward to having these types of conversations with my kids one day.