Family Photo

Family Photo

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snow Trip

Like I said in my previous post our trip to the snow was lots of fun! The kids had such a great time and so did we. We played in the snow by the cabin, took a trip to the Alpine Slides, and sat by the fire and drank hot chocolate. The only negative part of the trip was the drive there and back. As soon as we arrived at the cabin, Maia vomited all over the place from car sickness. At least on this occasion we actually pulled her out of the car before she purged. However, on the way home, the child threw up all over her car seat. And, after we cleaned up, changed her clothes, and put a towel over her car seat, she threw up again as we were continuing our drive down the mountain. The second time I could see it was coming so I put my hand under her mouth thinking my hand could contain the vomit and keep it from ruining another outfit and getting all over the towel. As the nastiness was spilling through my fingers Noah was yelling, "PULL OVER DADDY! PULL OVER! I don't like throw up!" My hand did not do the job, obviously. We again, pulled over, changed Maia, gave the car seat and everything in the vicinity a wipey bath and continued our hour long drive home. Let me tell you, the smell of puke in a confined space gets old real fast. It took everything within me to keep myself from throwing up as well. But, besides the car sickness, the trip was a blast. Here are some pictures!

She looks pretty even in a boy hand-me-down jacket, boy gloves, and boy shoes!
Look at these cool gloves!

Coming back up the hill after sledding down and running into a tree

On our way up to the Alpine Slide

Maia wanted to drive the sled
Playing with the snow on the back deck

Noah was freezing in his jeans so I decided to look through the storage bins in the cabin and I found this groovy snow suit! He will hate me when he is older for putting this picture up. Ricky and I could not stop laughing at him!
Checking out the Blue Jays and the squirrels

I really wanted a decent picture of me and the kids in the snow. That was asking wayyyy too much as you can tell from this picture.
Maia and I were all smiles prior to my poor sledding attempt. Noah looks a little worried!
Maia is a little upset about her sledding experience and does NOT want to pose for a picture. She is showing her obvious displeasure by taking a swing at daddy...

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Jennifer Resendez said...

All your pictures look like you guys had SO much fun! So bummed we could not make it! Looks like we will just have to plan another trip! :)