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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Black Hole of Black Friday

Hello my name is Taleah and I am a shopaholic... and I totally blame Black Friday. Last week I did some research online to see what kind of deals really happened on Black Friday. I wanted to know if all the chaos and lack of sleep was really worth it. I soon discovered that the price cuts were quite substantial. However, upon more research, I discovered the deals were available online starting at 12 midnight. So, I stayed awake and then attempted to get all my coveted items online to avoid the crowds and mayhem of Friday morning. However, the Kohls internet site was so jammed that it kept kicking me off and I almost punched my computer. So, I got a couple hours of sleep and then joined the crowds at 4 a.m. I waited in the check out line for an hour and almost passed out but it was totally worth it. As I moved up in the line I kept seeing all these items at incredibly low prices all around the store. If I had gone with a shopping partner I definitely would have bought all of those unnecessary items only because they were on sale! I was too scared that the vicious shoppers would not save my spot in line though so I let those great deals pass me up on my way up to the check out stand. Since I am still a rookie, I only had the energy to hit up one store before I headed home to get back to sleep. But, I did send my husband back out later to take advantage of the deals.
My shopping did not stop there. I had gotten a taste of the thrill of a deal and I just wanted more. As I continued to look online,I found that there were 2 or 3 day sales that continued into Saturday, which I happily took advantage of. Then, I heard about a thing called Cyber Monday! From Friday to Monday of last week all I kept saying was, "Wow, babe. Look at THIS deal! These boots were normally $100.00 on sale for $39.99! I have to get them. That is just too good a deal to pass up!" Ricky thinks I now have a problem but I disagree. I mean helloooooo it's on sale! I know that I spent $25.00 but I saved $15! I try to tell him that if we can't afford gas this month, we will just ride our bikes which has two benefits: we'll be "green" and in shape. And if we cannot afford food because of my excessive sale shopping, then we will just ride our bikes to my parent's house everyday and beg for food. See, I've got it all figured out!

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Shay said...

Thats too funny... I didn't think to brave the crowds early in the am but I did get stuck going into them to help find a dress shirt for a rehearsal dinner that was happening that night...