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Family Photo

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Apparently I'm No Rachael Ray

I'm getting a little discouraged here people. It turns out that cooking like Rachael Ray is not as easy as it looks. I made my second attempt at one of her recipes and it turned out bland as blah. It could have been that I was missing two of the ingredients but I thought I could make it work without them. Well, I've learned my lesson and from now on I will make sure to include all of the ingredients. Poor Ricky was left starving. He couldn't even pretend to like it. Maia shared his sentiments. But, I can always count on my little man to make me feel better. He ate it his whole bowl without gagging once!
Pray for me as I make attempt Number 3 tonight. I don't think I can take another failure. I may go into depression from my lack of cooking abilities and Ricky may find another wife if this one is not successful.


Chuck said...

I watched Julie/Julia last night and thought of you. By the way, she used over and over the pot that I bought you. I think the cast iron pot will make all the difference, along with the garlic press and food mill. Oh and also calling Lucille to order take out!

clspraizehim said...

Taleah, you know you have to "season" your cast iron pot before you use it. They really are great and for some reason make the food taste better:) Don't give up!!!