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Monday, December 21, 2009

Mid-Blog Crisis

So, I am going through a mid-blog crisis right now. I've noticed on many blogs that I read that this is a common phenomenon. One where the writer feels the need to evaluate their blog and its direction. Well, I am not really questioning the direction of my blog but rather contemplating starting a new blog, one where I can express my thoughts on leadership, spirituality, and other such issues. The problem is that I have very strong opinions and as you can see from this blog I am not very guarded (I am overly- transparent).
However, being the assistant to the most amazing pastor ever, I am learning so much about leadership, Christianity, parenting, and just life in general. Sometimes I feel like I could just burst with all the new information I have swimming in my head but the Confession Mama Blog is just not the right place to write about it. So, anyways, that is my confession for the day. I'm praying, thinking, and throwing round the idea of adding a new blog to my life. We shall see...


Bridget said...

you are such a talented writer! Do it! I can't wait to read it. God is using you, just make sure that skin of yours is thick haha!

Chuck said...

Wow, Taleah, I would love to read a Blog from you on these topics. We know the need is there and you have a keen and insightful mind. I think it could and would be a blessing to many.