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Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm Famous...Well Kinda

Last Wednesday when I went into work, our sweet receptionist Sue said, "You're in the paper!" I was shocked, "Huh?" "Well, your blog is in the paper," she said. Oh no! What was my last post about...stealing an apple...the cops are coming for me. I just know it. Have I posted anything recently about neglecting my kids or my empty refrigerator or my super- messy-unfit- for- children house? CPS is sure to come after me. Sue must have noticed the frantic look on my face because she assured me that it was a positive article and gave me the paper. I ran back to my office and quickly skimmed the article until I found the blurb about me...

"Some of the material on the eight blogs at Crossroads Church in Corona has nothing to do with religion. One lay blogger, a young mother, writes mostly about subjects such as potty-training and outings with her family. She sometimes acknowledges faults, such as when she was upset when a barista did not properly make her coffee drink. 'Those blog entries illustrate to potential church members that Christians share many of the same experiences as anyone else, and that they don't pretend to be perfect,' said the Rev Doug Husen, associate pastor of Crossroads. 'A common reason people are turned off by religion is the perception that religious people are hypocrites,' he said. 'This keeps us real and gives people a window into our lives,'he said. 'They realize, this person is a person just like me.'"
Okay, so I know that the author didn't mention name or my website but I knew he was talking about me and so did Sue, so that makes me semi-famous, right?! The entire article was about how churches are using the web to attract people and win them to Christ. I find it hilarious that they used my blog as an example. But, I am ever so grateful to the author of the article for being so kind and not using one of my letters to Mid-Life Crisis Man or one of my sarcastic letters to CPS blog posts as examples!

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Tiffany said...

Congrats!!!! That is awesome! I LOVE reading your blog because I always seem to go "That SO happened to me the other day!" Love you!