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Family Photo

Monday, October 5, 2009

Glen Oak 2009

We went to Glen Oak today to pick apples but apparently none of the farms up there are allowing people to pick their own apples this year. However, I am a very determined person and I had built up this apple picking thing to Noah for a few weeks. I was NOT about to leave that place without picking an apple off a tree.
On our way out of the last orchard we visited, I noticed a lone apple in one of the trees near the road. I told Ricky to stop the truck and I scanned our surroundings for any orchard workers. There were none in sight. Ricky shot me the you-are-the-craziest-woman-I-know eye roll as I lowered my voice to a whisper and told him to get Noah out of his car seat as inconspicuously as possible. I did not want to draw any attention to our illegal activity. Noah loudly asked, "What we gonna do?" I shushed him, pointed out the apple to him and told him that daddy was going to pick him up and he was to pick the apple. I stuck my camera out through the sun roof of the truck and captured Noah's single illegal apple pick on camera so that we remember this moment forever...oh and so that you could all see it right here on my blog! Noah was happy, I was happy, and I am sure the apple was happy to be put out of its lonely misery.

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Chuck said...

That's why we are his God parents; to counteract the rebelious and criminal ways of his Mom. We will do all we can to keep you out of prison, Noah.