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Family Photo

Friday, October 30, 2009

The End of the Day

Because I work part time, there are about four days out of the week where I am with my kids all day long. It seems like no matter how hard I try, on those days, by the time 4:00 p.m. comes around, I look like I just finished running a marathon. My hair is a disaster, my make-up smeared, I am sporting major pit stains, I smell like a men's locker room, and all I want to do is crawl into my bed and close my eyes. My over-all look could be best described as disheveled. I try, I really do try to look good for my hubby and to have the house in order when he comes home from work on Fridays but that is just impossible with the two little hurricanes that I call my children.
I am thinking that someone needs to start a mommy afternoon makeover service. This will consist of a team of 5 people who come to my house 45 minutes before the hubby gets home. One person will be in charge of the kids. They will take the kids outside to stay out of everyone's hair while the makeover is taking place. I will then have 5 minutes to take a shower. The second person, will pick up all toys and clothes laying around the house. They will also do dishes and finish any laundry that is still sitting in the machines and give the house a quick vacuum. The third person will start dinner. The fourth person will do my hair. The fifth person will be in charge of doing my make-up and giving me a 10 minute stress relief shoulder massage. My team of people will disappear 5 minutes before the hubby is due home and when he arrives, I will look refreshed, the house will be tidy, dinner will be in the oven, and I will feel like a successful wife instead of an exhausted marathon runner. Can I get an"Amen?"


Sarah said...




Brilliant! Really, I think you could be onto something here ...

Rebecca173 said...

OHHHHHHHH YES Amen for sure! I think i would need a 6th person and more then 45 mins based on the fact i have 3 kids! Heck i would like a team to set up camp in my back yard ready whenever i need them!

Kathy said...