Family Photo

Family Photo

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Fair

So we went to the Fair on Wednesday night because we had a coupon to get in for cheaper. I don't want to know how much we would have spent if we didn't have a coupon, that place is a rip off! But, I must say the kids LOVED it. I even let my guard down for a few minutes to let them both enjoy their very first ice cream cone. As you can see from the pictures it was a hit! Noah loved going on all the rides and Ricky was a bit nauseous from going with him on all of them. For the most part it was fun, although the ride home was definitely NOT fun! As I've said before, if my kids are not on their schedules, they are little devils. We stayed at the Fair until 9:30, 2 hours past their bed time. This meant that we got to hear them scream their heads off for 20 minutes on the ride home. Next year, I'll re-think my timing.

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Pamee said...

WOW! It looks so FUN!!!!!! I LOVE the ice cream cone pix!