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Family Photo

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Snipets From My Week

Noah said "Holy Crap" again. Ay yaiy yaiy!

I wrestled with Maia and pinned her down just so I could out her hair in pig tails. I was a sweaty mess, and her face was red and tear-stained but her hair was soooo cute. Totally worth it!

Maia threw up all over Noah's car seat on Thursday and I still have not washed it. Either the smell faded or I got used to it because I don't smell it anymore. Febreeze is amazing!

Speaking of throwing up...Noah threw up in the car on our way to dinner with friends on Friday night. I just happened to have towels in the car and put one on his lap right before he threw up. All the vomit ended up in the towel. No messes to clean up, just a towel lost. It was one of my proudest mom moments! Noah felt better, we went to dinner, and everyone was happy!

The Terrible Twos are getting more terrible. I didn't know that was possible. The time-out spot is never lonely and I am looking into a sound proof "time out booth" so that my ears don't hurt from Noah's dramatic screaming.

Maia has decided that I must hold her at all times. No one else will do. My legs and my back are always in pain due to this new little phase.

Noah is all of a sudden super picky and getting skinnier by the second. He refuses to eat almost anything I make and I refuse to make him something different. I'm not a short order cook, ya know. Hopefully this too passes quickly.

Noah is the biggest baby ever when it comes to "owies." He got a tiny scrape on his knee last Wednesday and walked with a limp for 2 days afterwards. He still has the same band aid (gross, I know) on it because he won't let us go near it to take it off. The band aid is so dirty and disgusting. Hopefully there is not a bacteria party going on under there.

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Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh this had my LOL! So funny T.

When you find that soundproof timeout spot..let me know. Madi's screams are killing me. ayyyyyyy!