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Family Photo

Friday, September 18, 2009

We Can Now Move On

My son is officially potty trained!!! Woo hoo! He has gone 2 weeks straight without an accident and I no longer have to watch him like a hawk and ask every 15 minutes if he has to go potty. My heart is happy and my wallet is happier! I now only have to buy one set of diapers!

My only question is, how do I stop rewarding him for going poop? He is so used to getting an M&M every time he goes poop that I am having visions of him being 15 going poop at school and asking the teacher for an M&M. Ay yaiy yaiy!

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Rebecca173 said...

OHHHHH Isn't that a WONDERFUL feeling?!?!?! My "baby" is finally trained too and i totally understand. We are done having kids so my potty training days are OVER! I am not even going to train my grandkids!! I'm DONE! It feels so good. As for the reward why not try something different. One day go "Oops buddy sorry how about some fruit snacks?" At least it's healthier and gets him off the chocolate. You could also try telling him mommy has to finish this give me a minute and see if he gets busy with something and forgets! Could happen. Pretty soon though getting something will get old and he'll forget to even ask.