Family Photo

Family Photo

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Maia Belle

I do most of my cooking one-handed these days because Maia Belle always wants to, "see?" She will attach herself to my leg and say, "see?" until I pick her up and give her a spoon to help me cook.
At 1 1/2 my little girl already has very strong opinions about what movie she wants to watch, what song she wants to listen to on the radio, and what toy she wants to play with. She will scream at ear piercing decibels if you do not choose the right movie, song, or toy. My little cherub also knows what she is not supposed to touch and goes for the item just for the sake of defying me. However, she shoots me the sweetest little smile and giggle while doing it, in hopes that her cute little face will make me forget how evil she is. She takes Noah's toys right out from under him and runs away laughing just to watch him throw a fit. However, if he takes a toy from her, he has to run for cover because she comes up swinging hard and may even take a chunk out of his arm with her teeth if mama is not in the room. I would describe her as "determined." She is determined to get her way.
However, she is not all evil...there is some sugar and spice in that little one! For one thing, she is very polite, she says, "Yes, peeese" and "Ta-tu mommy" and she blows kisses with a big "mmmm-maaaaa" when saying good bye. She folds her hands to pray and names off family members that she is thankful for. She loves to sing in the microphone at church and she is a dancing queen! I love my little Maia Belle, tantrums and all!


Kathy said...

I love this girl...You must laugh every day just knowing EXACTLY what your parents must have gone through with YOU. She is just fantastic.

Rebecca OReilly said...

I LOVE having my kids in cooking with me. It's so fun and i could care less about messes. It's such a bonding time. I will pray about the attitude. I have a little miss priss over here myself and BOY she already at almost 4 has the "stomp to the bedroom and slam the door" down PAT! But i am so glad she's so strong willed cause i know that she will never let anyone walk all over her when she's older. It's a good thing. It's us MOMS that have to learn how to handle them and not take it personally. When she starts in the mantra in my head is "It's a good thing it's a good thing it's a God given quality that will be very useful later on!" God bless you