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Family Photo

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

There Has to be More to Life Than Poop!

This morning Maia woke up and asked to go poop on the potty. This has become a bit of a game we play because she likes to sit on the toilet and pretend. She wants those little colorful pretty tasty looking things that Noah gets every time he sits on the potty. She also sees him get praised every time he does it and wants some of that praise for herself! I took off her diaper. She sat on the potty and grunted and said, "All Done." I say, "Good girl!" like I always do and we walked into the living room to watch Sesame Street and to put her diaper on. I sat down on the floor and went to reach for her. Suddenly, her face turned red and in a labored, pushing, grunting fashion she growls, "POOOOP." Oh no, no, no, no! Why my immediate reaction was to put my hand on her butt, I'll never know...or maybe I do know. Maybe I thought that would stop her from going. It didn't. I screamed, she cried, Noah yelled from his crib, "WHAT'S HAPPENING MOMMY?" I frantically called for Ricky and Maia went to hug me for comfort. Somehow the mess got on my leg, her foot, the carpet, and of course in my hand. Ricky, slowly made his way to the living room, gagged, and picked Maia up holding her as far away from his body as he could and took her straight to the bath tub. I yelled to Noah that everything was okay despite mommy's frantic cries. He responded with, "I wanna see Maia's poop!" I finally got the courage to move and clean myself off and then proceeded to clean the mess off the floor all the while listening to Ricky dry heave as he washed Maia in the bath tub.

Every day is an adventure when you're a parent. It is funny that after all that chaos, I head off to work and no one there has a clue that 1 hour prior to my arrival, I was covered in poop!

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