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Family Photo

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Cannot Be Trendy

My sister-in-laws always have the cutest designs on their toes. Their toe nails actually look like works of art. Mine are always plain and boring...mostly because I am too cheap to pay for a design. But, today was different. I felt like a big spender and I wanted to have cute trendy toe nails so that I could fit in with the girls...bad idea! I should never try to be trendy, because it always goes bad for me.
I thought that since Halloween was coming up I would do black nail polish with white polka dots. It looked so cute in my head, however, the end product looks nothing like the cute picture in my head. The girl got a little carried away with the polka dots and now I am left with a hideous, way too expensive pedicure, that I will not remove because I am too cheap. So, just like every other pedicure I've had since having children, I will be stuck with this ugliness for the next 3 months and if you get a glimpse of them, try to pretend like you didn't see. Oh and for those of you who will never cross my path, I've posted a picture...


Lizzy said...

Your toes look like space.

Haha! It's not bad at all, silly.

Kathy said...

Dang it! I was going to take you on a hot pedicure date since I made so much fun of your french pedicure-able toenails! I like those Halloween-y toes. They're cute. Oh man- now my scary nails are going to look twice as bad next to your fresh toes. That's it- tennis shoes only.