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Family Photo

Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Potty Talk

What is that? You've had enough potty talk already? Well...too bad! It turns out potty training is a process and not just a one day thing no matter what anyone tells you!

I can sum up this week's potty training experience by saying I feel so bad! Besides the one time my son's pee shot Bup right in the face, she also had to experience his one poop accident. Picture, a hysterically crying boy freaking out and kicking his poop across the room and two of the sweetest people in the world trying to calm the kid, clean the kid, and not step on the poop that is all over their house. Meanwhile, I was at work in meetings, oblivious to the chaotic scene. I felt awful!
Tomorrow we will continue the adventure of potty training while on the lake. We are going out to the lake for the day and since my son cannot go pee in the water, we will have our little port-a-potty in tow. I have no idea how that is going to work if he has to poop but I guess I will find out tomorrow. Lord, help us!


Kathy said...

I can relate- not perfect. But I see improvements every day, and one day we will not have dropletts of pee on our toes or have to carry potties in our purses.

Rebecca OReilly said...

Well i have potty training experience over here for sure with 3 kids. Again i applaud you for trying at 2 and being quite successful. My son was 4 when he figured it out and that was after a good year an a half of trying!!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter took a year and was 4yr and 3 months i believe. My youngest daughter is my pride and joy! Don't tell my other two! She was my baby and i didn't start as early with her. It was about 3 an half and i tried but wasn't DETERMINED. She will be 4 on Monday the 7th and 2 weeks ago she had enough on her own. Went into her room pulled out her panties and put them on. She in now 100% trained! ON HER OWN and i could NOT be happier. I am DONE potty training!!!!!!!!!! That mommy stage is completely over PRAISE GOD. That is one mommy stage i did NOT pass with flying colors i will admit. I hated it. For you to be so adament at that age is great i will be praying for you. Good luck. I look forward to your post of IT IS DONE! God bless you.