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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Dirty Dirty Chonies

The cleaning lady is coming tomorrow and I should be cleaning instead of blogging because she is not going to know what to do with the clothes strewn all over my room...I'll worry about that tomorrow...
So Noah has been doing very well with relieving himself in the potty this week. I am so proud! But, I have a problem with the chonies. He has this one pair of chonies that have pictures of Thomas, Percy, and James (trains) on them and these are the only chonies that he will wear. He has now worn them for 5 days straight because I would rather let him wear them than enter into a full blown war with my son over a pair of chonies. I know that some of you may be asking "Why don't you just wash them when he goes to sleep at night?" Well, I'll tell you why. It's because he cuddles with them at night. Yup, since he has to wear a pull-up to sleep he holds the chonies in his sleep. I know, I know... my kid is weird.
I have tried to tell him that his Buzz Lightyear chonies are going to be sad that Noah doesn't want to wear them and that Buzz Lightyear will cry. Noah's response, "Buzz not gonna be sad. I want Percy and James chonies." I have tried to tell him that I just need to wash the Percy and James ones real fast and then he will get them back. Noah's response, "You don't wanna wash Percy and James, mommy. They not dirty." I have tried begging, "Pleeeeeease let mommy wash them Noah, you're going to be a stinky boy." Noah's response, "I not seenky mommy. I want my Percy and James chonies."

Ay yaiy yaiy!


The 4 Moore's said...

I think you need to buy more of the same chonies!!! That's what happened when Ryan's Nana got him Mater undies for his bday. Well...he's not sleeping with them but...we just tell him if he doesn't put on the next available clean pair that we will just have to put a babies diaper on him. Works!!!

Rebecca OReilly said...

You need to buy the same pair and switch them in his sleep! He'll wake up and have the same pair and won't realize you switched them. OR just wash that pair at 3am when he's asleep and don't know you took them away! Man that is an interesting situation. So glad my youngest is now 4.