Family Photo

Family Photo

Monday, September 21, 2009

Last Lake Day of the Summer

It was our last lake trip of the season and we had a great time. Here are some pics...

The kids love lake days!

Noah even went wakeboarding with daddy and stood on the board too! I was so proud!

My brother illustrating that Red Bull really does give you wings. We are hoping Red Bull will pay us for this picture...okay not really but it is a really cool shot because it was taken by me!

Noah and Maia fought over the flag the whole time. He didn't quite grasp the concept of holding it up only when the rider was down.

It was a good riding day for Ricky, he landed a few flips.

They both had a turn to drive the boat and push buttons.

Look at that crazy hair!
He thought it was hilarious that the boat was peeing!

Noah had to poop and we were prepared. It turned out to be a false alarm, but it made for my favorite picture of the day!


Kathy said...

Have to comment once more- these pics and this tradition/family time just warms my heart. Your kids (and you) are always going to get to look back on these fun memories. Love the one with Noah on the board.

Nana said...

Love the pictures, it looked like a beautiful day.