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Monday, September 14, 2009

Turn the other Cheek or Bite it?

This is a picture of Maia's teeth marks on Noah's arm (the black blob is my make-up brush...yes, I let my son play with my make-up brush). Noah now has matching teeth marks on his other arm and on his leg as well.
This is the vicious cutie responsible for those painful marks. Here is the routine: Noah is playing with a toy, Maia goes to grab the toy, Noah pulls the toy away and yells, "NO!" Maia sinks her teeth into his nearest limb. I'm beginning to think that she is buying into the trendy Vampire/ Twilight fad.

Here is my question: Do I tell Noah to bite her back? I know it sounds insane but the girl is impossible! I've given her time-out, I've flicked her mouth, and I've spanked her, yet her instinctual reaction to conflict with Noah still is to sink her teeth into his skin. The only thing I have left in my bag of discipline tricks is to tell Noah to bite her back. Anyone have any other suggestions?


The 4 Moore's said...

I have tried all those things and more...only Ryan is my biter. I think it is one of the famous "phases". What seems to have bothered him the most is when I bite him back. Sounds like child abuse I know, but??? P.S. That picture of Maia is a mirror image of Ricky!!!!

Bridget said...

HOT sauce! ha..sorry I have Landen for a child so I know how to cure some things:)

Jen Resendez said...

When I used to teach preschool we had a known biter! His mom used to make him bite and sink his teeth into a lemon peel and would not let him have anything to drink after. She did this twice right after he bit someone and did not have to do it again. She said the key was having a lemon peel on hand to do it right away! She carried one in her purse! :) no joke!
I don't know since I am not a parent, just thought I would pass it along!

Bre said...

I'm so glad you posted this T! I love seeing all the responses. I felt so helpless yesterday after E bit someone for the first time. I can't wait to try the lemon peel! :)

Rebecca OReilly said...

I agree with some of the other ladies. Immediately put something in their mouth that they will associate with biting. If i bite i get lemon, hot sauce, vinegar, something that isn't pretty! GOOD LUCK i never had any serious biters on my hands. I'll be praying

Lauren said...

Noooooo...i would definitely not tell Noah to do it back. That just seems like it's opening a can of worms --

I'm a hot sauce fan, as someone mentioned, but usually reserved that (or soap) for when my kids back talked, or said something naughty.

What if you made Maia bite herself so that she could understand how badly it hurts? Or the other thing that I thought of, and it probably breaks every rule of parenting -- but what if asked her if she would like you to bite her so that she knows how badly it hurts? My guess is that she would say, no, she doesn't want you to bite her... then just reinforce that Noah does like to be bitten either.

Fortunately none of my kids were biters...and they're teens now, so I'm just reaching into the recesses of my mind to try to offer help. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Such great advice! You have to post an update blog to let us know what works! :]

ps. LOVE reading your blog!