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Family Photo

Sunday, March 1, 2009

This is SERIOUS!

Let me start from the husband loves to go to Glamis. If you don't know what Glamis is, picture desert and sand dunes as far as the eye can see. Then picture a whole bunch of people with ridiculously expensive toys (if liquidated could solve world hunger). Now add in a lot of beer. This is Glamis. For the past few years my husband has been trying to convince me that if I just gave it a chance and took a trip with him to Glamis, I would really love it. I kept telling him that dirt, ridiculously expensive toys, and crazy drunk people is really not my thing and refused to go. Finally, this last weekend he convinced me to go. I agreed because we'd be going with our good friends Eddie and Jen who I love and who are not drinkers!  
  Here was my husband's plan: We drop the kids off at my parents on Thursday night and meet up with Eddie and Jen at about 9:30 p.m. in Glamis (They would arrive about 2 hours ahead of us). We'd set up camp in the motor home and then take the sand rail out for a night run, come back, play some card games, and go to sleep. After a good night's sleep, we'd go for a morning ride and then go back to camp and wait for the rest of the crew to get there and hang out.  
  Here is what actually happened. When I took the kids to my parent's house, my mom was not there, and I didn't pack any dinner for them because my mom said she would cook for them. They were starving, she was late, and Ricky was super irritated because he was so excited for this trip that I was going to absolutely love and he could not wait a minute longer to get the trip started. We waited around for my mom while I apologized profusely to Ricky for my mom's tardy nature and tried to keep Noah's mind off of his growling stomach. Once she arrived, Noah decided to be rude and we spent another whole 20 minutes trying to teach him a lesson before we left. Finally we headed out. About half way there, we receive a call from Jen informing us that the motor home was stuck in the sand. Ricky didn't seem too worried about it so I figured it was no big deal and once Ricky got there, he and Eddie would fix the problem and we'd be good to go. WRONG! 
  When we got there the motor home was a little tilted because the right rear tire was stuck in the sand. Ricky and Eddie spent the next 3 hours (9:30p.m. to 12:30 a.m.) trying to dig the tires out and getting the motor home much more stuck than it was before. I was deliriously tired but could not go to sleep because the motor home was at a severe angle and every 20 minutes or so I would wake up to another fruitless attempt to drive the motor home out of its predicament. At 12:30 some other Glamis goers who had been watching us the entire time from a distance decided to make their way over to us. They came over and made discussed our situation with our boys while laughing and taking swigs out of their liquor flasks. Jen and I were in the motor home, praying that they would offer to rescue us. Then I heard these words from one of the nice neighbors, "Well if it gets serious, let us know and we'll pull our heavy duty truck over here and pull you guys right out. Alright, good luck. Bye!" At this point, I lost it. I turned to Jen inside the motor home and in my harshest whisper I ranted, "WHAT? What do you mean, 'If it gets serious?' Does this not look serious to you? Our motor home is nearly tipping over because it is so deep in the sand, it is sitting in a trench from all the digging that the boys have done, and you have been watching them work on it for the past 3 hours. How much more SERIOUS does it get? Bring your truck over here NOW. This is SERIOUS!" My ranting to Jen accomplished absolutely nothing. The boys dug for another hour and made matters worse and then we all resigned to sleeping at a 45 degree angle and trying our best to defy gravity and stay on the beds. 
 The next morning, we were all exhausted and were all experiencing a bit of vertigo. But, our nice hung-over neighbors came and pulled us out of our trench while we (and a bunch of other spectators) cheered! We thought things would all go up hill from there but we had another thing coming. The sand rail broke down. That thing is super expensive so for it to break down would put anyone in a bad mood, and it also meant that I would have nothing to ride in while in Glamis. To make matters worse, we could not find a decent spot to park the motor home in so we just sat on the side of the road in with a broken sand rail and sulked for a couple of hours until the rest of our party showed up.  Once they all got there the rest of the trip was not so bad and even had it's really fun moments but this was definitely not the trip Ricky had dreamed up for me that would make me love Glamis. Maybe I will try again next year once I am over the trauma from this year's trip.

Notice how the motor home is at a slant and how it is actually touching the sand. That is NOT supposed to happen.
The trench we left after we were rescued. Those our the nice peeps who helped us! 

This is Ricky's version of heaven. (before it broke)

Awww memories! 


Jen Resendez said...

Ok seriously I am sitting here laughing at the " you not think that this is serious!" What did those people think....that this was a huge joke that our motor home was sitting at a 45 degree angle?! :)

We'll, glad we had some laughs in the rhino at least! :) Better luck to us next time!

Brianna said...

This kind of stuff happens EVERYTIME we go to glamis. Last time my Dads trailer got stuck and Justins Dad pulled him out and the strap broke and dented his whole tailgate. MEN!! I am not fond of the place myself :)

Brad Roekle said...

That is so funny. I have been going to Dumont with my friends for a few years and have been telling my wife she should come out one time. But now this story will make her never want to go. She said the exact same thing as you "I kept telling him that dirt, ridiculously expensive toys, and crazy drunk people is really not my thing and refused to go." Good story. Things always seem to happen like that though. For the first few years I went something would always break. Now my wife would love to go to the River any time and ride SeaDoo's. My wifes blog is and she was one of the people who took your picture at the FaeryTale photoshoot thing.