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Family Photo

Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm Baaaaack!

Okay, so I have returned fro my trip to Arizona! My kids are still alive and Ricky is still sane. Praise the Lord! 
 Upon my return I discovered that Maia wore the same outfit all three days I was gone, Noah wore the same outfit 2 of the days I was gone. Ricky decided to do the kids' laundry which means there are piles of clean clothes scattered all over my house (he does not fold's against his religion!).  The refrigerator and cupboards are empty, Maia is wearing diapers that are much too big for her because we are out of her size diapers, and I have no clean clothes. 
  While at my conference we had a wonderful speaker named Donna Otto. She inspired me to get my home life organized and in order and gave me very practical tips on how to accomplish this. Last night I was ready to get home and get organized. Today, after looking at all the mess, I've changed my mind. I think I'll make myself some really old pasta that I found in the very back of the cupboard, eat it plain since there is nothing to put on it, make a pathway to my room amidst the clean and dirty laundry and my 2 unpacked suitcases, and take a nice nap while the kids sleep. Maybe when I wake up my house will magically have organized itself!!!

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Bridget said...

Don't feel bad I was down to just a few diapers that I found way back in the closet. sz 1-2 diapers I had to squeeze them on both the girls (even Farrah) You've seen the size of my girls thighs...poor babies! All because I was to lazy to go to the store.
P.S. Glamis looked fun..NOT haha!