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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Losing an Hour = Chaos

To Whom It May Concern:

The events of today lead me to believe that the day we lose an hour is the most evil day of the year. I am begging you to please discontinue this time change for the well being of my family. 
This morning I woke up tired due to the lost hour of sleep and my son woke up 1 hour earlier than normal which led to a huge interruption in my morning routine. My sanity rests on me getting my "quiet time" with the Lord in the mornings. This morning my "quiet time" was anything but quiet because Noah's internal clock was off.  During my "quiet time"he was commenting every two seconds; "Mama is reading her Bible. Noah leave her alone. I watch Thomas the Train?" Needless to say I could not concentrate. 
  Once my daughter woke up, she was also out of sorts and bit Noah twice leaving teeth marks and a bruise on his little leg. I know it had nothing to do with Noah stealing her toys and everything to do with losing an hour. As if the lost hour hadn't done enough damage, Noah threw an embarrassing tantrum at church, causing everyone to stare at the us as we made our way to the parking lot. I am sure that they had sympathy on us understanding the horrible effects of an hour lost as they watched us drag our hysterical, snot drenched 2 year old past them. 
  When I got home to my disaster of a house, I looked around and thought, if only I had that hour back I would have time to straighten up this mess, but since that hour is gone, I only have time to blog. What a shame.
 So, I implore you to please adopt the philosophy and time change practices of Arizona. Just leave the time the same year around. If you did, I am sure my mornings would all be peaceful, my kids would be well-behaved, and house would be clean and organized. 

Mrs. Looking For Any Excuse

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Chuck said...

I would sign a petition!