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Family Photo

Monday, March 16, 2009

Comfort Food for a Bad Mommy

Please hand over the half gallon of Chocolate Malted Crunch ice cream, the tub of chocolate covered raisins, and the box of milk chocolate molasses chips. I am just going to sit on the couch, eat until I am sick, and cry myself a river. Why? Let me tell you, but I have to ask ahead of time that you promise not to report me...Okay looks like we have a deal.
  The day started out wonderful. We went out to breakfast as a family and then took the kids for a bike ride through Bonelli park. It is beautiful outside today and we thought it would be perfect to spend the day outside. We fed the ducks and barely escaped an attack by a big mean goose but the kids were really enjoying themselves. Then we parked our bikes under a tree by the playground, set out a picnic blanket, and played with the kids on the slides. All was peaceful and fun until I saw a picture perfect moment with Maia and Ricky sitting on the blanket under the tree. I took out my camera to take a picture and right as I was about to snap the second one (the first one turned out blurry), I heard a THUMP behind me followed by a loud cry. My heart sank and I prayed. I ran to find Noah, standing with a face and mouth full of sand screaming. I picked him up and brought him over to Ricky. We checked him for broken bones and cleaned off his face. As Ricky was tending to him, I noticed Maia out of the corner of my eye chewing on something. I did a quick finger sweep of her mouth but found nothing. Oh well, I'd find it in her poop later. I turned back to Noah but was quickly distracted by Maia gagging. Oh shoot! She continued gagging and when I did another finger sweep, she got so mad that she cried until she turned blue. I freaked out and started running around and yelling, "Call 911"...okay not really but I felt like doing that!  Ricky flipped her over, patted her back and out of her mouth came half of a leaf. At this point we had two hysterical children, screaming to the high heavens because God had stuck them with these two idiots. I choked back my own tears as I watched Noah's face begin to swell and a huge bruise start to take form. He kept spitting out sand and he looked a little pale. I held him, watched him closely, asked Ricky a million times if he thought Noah was okay, and sang to calm him down. Ricky picked Maia up to keep her away from all the tasty foliage on the floor and watched to see if the other half of the leaf would make an appearance. 
  What started out as a wonderful day turned into the day when Ricky and Taleah would be escorted to jail for negligent parenting. I have managed to keep my tears to myself but know that they will come streaming out any second. I still have to do grocery shopping (for my comfort food) and I am a little nervous. I feel very unstable at the moment and if the checker lady tells me that I cannot use on of my coupons, I may have a melt down. 
  Since I am in the habit of bestowing awards on myself, I am going to award myself with the world's worst mommy of the day award. If you want to make me feel better, please leave your own worst mommy moment stories in the comments section. Thanks! 


Tiffany said...

Oh sweetheart!!! You are not the worse mommy in the world!!!!!! But I can imagine how you feel. If you could only see what happens in our house on a daily basis with Madison you would be asking your self how that child does not end up in the hospital for all the times she jumps off the couch, bed etc.

Hang in there! I think you are an amazing mommy!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay Taleah,(mama Shuler), here you go...we went on a house boat vacation when Michelle was 2. Everyone was out on the water except me, my mom, & Michelle. My mom and I decided to go out a little ways on a raft so we put a life jacket on Michelle and let her play on the shore...we really weren't that far away. Well the life jacket was heavy and Michelle fell face first in the water. I'm a little ways from her but all I can see are my babies eyes batting in the water, her face down. It all seemed to happen in slow motion but I felt like I could not get to her like something was holding me down. I was screaming and by the time I got to her I was hysterical, she was fine, but I wanted to leave and go home. To see your baby face down in water and feel like you can't get to her was the worst feeling I have ever had! I just sat in the house boat the rest of the day miserable and holding my baby:) All turned out okay but I DO feel for you! You are a GREAT mom and don't beat yourself up too bad:):)!!! Tomorrow is another day. Love You!!!

Sarah N. said...

Both of those things are out of your control. Kids fall and babies eat things off the floor. You can't be everywhere all the time. I have plenty of "bad mommy" moments, but won't take up your blog comments to post them all... I mean TONS! Keep your head up there will be more times things like this will happen. Have some ice cream for me!

Lorayne Nazur said...

These days happen -to all of us! We all have these aweful stories. The best thing about it is that our kiddos are too young to remember them! I'm not writing my moments in here because I have too many but I've certainly had those days.. Big hugs to you...

Lauren said...

Oh Taleah...we have all been there. But go back and read your posting again...from "The day started out wonderful..." right down to "the first one came out blurry." Does that sound like someone worthy of the worst mommy award?

Sarah N is right...we can't be everywhere all the time. And even when we're right there, things still happen. It's why I cringe when I hear people say "where were the parents?"

Even when they're old that leaves aren't confused with food, or monkey bars don't look like fun -- stuff happens.

Hang in there are doing a great job.

If you get a chance, would you read the beginning excerpt of a children's bedtime/picture story book I wrote. I'd love an objective opinion.

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

Sarah said...

We lived in a two story and I hadn't gotten a baby gate yet for the top of the stairs. Well I spilled something in a doorway right next to said stairs. As I was cleaning Emily was scooting along next to me. Next thing I know she goes tumbling down them and SMACKS into the wall at the bottom. It was the worst sound I have ever heard. She was fine (even the second time it happened, oh yes, there was a second time. But I felt awful!

Bridget said...

I have a million worst mommy day stories...lets see today I was stuck in a waiting room with 5 rowdy kids for over an hour. If they had a secret camera I would for sure be in jail! You are a great mommy!! Please, just look at the way you feed your kids:) Love ya!