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Family Photo

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Major Repercussions

Today, Noah wanted paper to write on and I couldn't find anything near me so I opened my journal (because it was the only thing within arm's length) to a blank page and handed it to him to keep him from writing on the floor or on the walls. He took it from me and said, "Oh thanks. Mommy's Bible. I color in mommy's Bible." Ummm...should I be worried? At first I thought it was cute that he associates my journal with  my Bible because whenever I read my Bible my journal is right next to me. However the reality of the situation is that my son thinks that my journal is the Bible, you know, The Word of God?! Do you realize that if I don't promptly correct this misconception, he could be scarred for life? I would hate for him to get to the stage where he can read and think that God wrote, "Noah is driving me absolutely crazy today. It's moments like these when I'd like to put him up for auction on Ebay. Lord, give me patience to deal with him today, keep my sanity, and keep him off the auction block." Ay yaiy yaiy...we are going to have a lesson tomorrow on the difference between mommy's journal and the Bible. 

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Tiffany said...

LOL! Then again, it might help when it comes to discipline in the future! LOL!!!!