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Family Photo

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Does God Second Guess?

Here are four reasons why God is probably re-thinking his decision to entrust me with two of His precious little cherubs today:

4: Today, after carrying Noah on my hip for a few minutes while in a store, I noticed a huge wet spot on my hip after putting him down. His diaper was so soaked that it leaked through his pants and onto my clothes. I could blame it on cheap diapers but God knows that it was because I left him in the same diaper all day long. I completely forgot to change his diaper. 

3: Maia Belle was being super fussy while we were shopping at Old Navy and Target to the point where I almost offered to sell her to the checker lady for a really discounted price. I was so sick of her incessant interruptions to my shopping. She would not keep the binky in her mouth and nothing would shut her up for about an hour. When we got back to the car, I realized the clock said 4:00 p.m.! Oh CRAP! I was supposed to feed her at 3:00 p.m. My poor child was starving. This also explained the excruciating pain in my boobs for the last hour. 

2: My 1 1/2 year old son says and understands the meaning of spicy. What mother in her right mind gives an 18 month old food that may even remotely cause him pain in his mouth?...That would be yours truly. I was craving Chipotle and failed to pack anything for Noah for dinner so I decided to give him the rice, beans, and tomato (from the mild tomato salsa) from my burrito bowl. I knew full well that Chipotle's food is always spicy no matter what you order, but I figured I would just try it on him since I had no other options. Noah proceeded to grab his tongue in an effort to remove it from his mouth so that the burning would stop. With a scrunched face he said "spicy" (with a lisp, which made it cute) and asked for his smoothie. He figured it was cold and would help alleviate the pain. 

1: This morning at the playground Noah made his usual climb to the top of the slide but did not want to go down it because he said it was hot. I knew that his shorts were long enough to protect his legs from the hot plastic and encouraged him to sit down and nudged him down the slide. On his way down his foot got caught and his little body flipped to where he was now going down head first. During the flip his shirt lifted. Thus, his belly was exposed and rubbing against the scorching hot slide and he was stuck because skin does not slide well on plastic. He let out an agonizing scream and I rushed down the ladder to rescue him from the burning while praying that no one would come out of their houses and call CPS on me. I pulled him off the slide and kissed his red hot belly. Thank God that my Noah thinks a kiss fixes everything. If he would have kept screaming like that, I would have had to make a run for it.

Once again, I will refer you to  my letter to CPS in case you are contemplating calling them. God, I promise to try to do better tomorrow. Maybe I will only have 3 reasons instead of 4. 


Sarah N. said...

Oh man.. girl.. you are not a bad mom.. we all are on this road of motherhood as newbies and are bound to make mistakes. Hang in there... it's hard when several of them occur on the same day... I just chalk that up to having a mommy-bad-day! I have several a month, at least!

BTW: Chipotle will make a kids quesadilla if you ask!

Joy said...

You are hilarious! as long as your kids are still breathing by the end of the day, they'll make it through. God makes them alot tougher than we realize,and I think he makes their little brains only remember how amazing we are and how much we love them.