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Friday, September 12, 2008

How Do I Go About Inspiring?

My friend Tony who happens to be a pastor wrote on his blog that people will find my blog "inspirational." I read that and immediately went into panic mode: Shoot I need to head over to my blog right now and write something inspiring. My last blog will only inspire people to be completely grossed out by me and never come near my purse. Think quick...ummm...inspiring...hmmm...I changed a gag inducing diaper today, not inspiring...I wore a shirt with a stain that I noticed when I put it on but left it on anyways and when someone pointed it out to me, I acted like that was the first time I saw it, so they wouldn't think I was a slob, soooo not inspiring...I did a load of laundry, that's a stretch. Oh dear! 
This whole thought process almost threw me back into pity party mode. But then I got to thinking...Maybe I inspire other moms to see the humor in their everyday stressful, mundane-task-filled lives. Maybe I inspire them to laugh. Maybe I inspire them to feel like good mothers because they compare themselves to my stories and realize that they have clean purses and boys with clean shirts and well-behaved kids in restaurants. Whether or not all this is true, it made me feel better about my blog promising to inspire. People are inspired by many different things and I guess it's a long shot, but they could be inspired by my blog!


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and I love it, you are hilarious, inspiring and very relatable. You are awsome Taleah. I hope I can be as open and honest as you are with the ups and downs of mommyhood. Thanks for the little glimpse into the wonderful life God has blessed you with. Joy

Tiffany said...

Oh my Taleah! Of course you are inspiring. You make people laugh and find joy in even the grossest of things regarding motherhood. Often times when we are stretched to our limit and we wonder why the heck we wanted to have children in the first place, we forget to find joy in the dirty diapers. It reminds us to be thankful that we have people to love and clean up after. Love you!

Anonymous said...

This was really cute!! Everyone who else dealt with kids can relate. I think your blog was a very creative idea you had, and I wish I could write like this. I have more thoughts that turn into complaints after awhile, and nobody wants to read complaints about life that can't be changed. I admire and commend you! Keep it up girl! God bless you and yours! Lorraine

Sarah said...

:) You inspire me!