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Family Photo

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Xtreme One-Year- Old

I knew what I was getting myself into when I married my sweetheart 3 years ago but today it really slapped me in the face. I had 6 1/2 years of dating to really decide if I was prepared to deal with the consequences of marrying Ricky Murray. He was Godly, charming, handsome, respectful, and just plain perfect. You may ask what the heck I had to prepare myself do I put this...he's kind of crazy... I think it is also known as extreme. He seems to love the thought of almost dying while taking part in extreme sports.  If the activity or sport does not include a high risk of dying or sustaining a paralyzing injury, then my Ricky wants no part in it. He's torn his ACL and Meniscus while back flipping on his wakeboard, he's gone sliding down a hill after falling off his dirt bike, he's fallen off a huge cliff while repelling, and he's been air lifted off a mountain after attempting a huge jump snow boarding...this whole thing has a point, so stay with me! These activities are his passion and joy. After a day on his dirt bike or on his boat on the lake, he is invigorated and excited about life and this is who I fell in love with. The hard part is that when I chose to marry him, I knew that he would want to share these passions with his kids one day and I would have to be okay with that. I took the plunge, married him, and now we have kids. And look at what has already son is only 18 months old. I know that I am in for a lot of emergency room trips...God help me! 



Pamee said...

=) PRAISE GOD that will be RICKY that has to take him to the emergency room!! I fear that I will have to be the one!!! Normal kid stuff happens...

BUT at least Ricky will BE there when it does happen =) At least I am NOT as EXTREME as Ricky is!!! AND Noah LOVES it!! Maia may LOVE it too and do it on HER OWN!!! I PRAY HARD for the kids!!!! =)

Jeana Hurst said...

Even though you prepared or are preparing yourself, um, I don't know if anyone could ever be truly prepared for a trip to the ER! Wow...I love the pics...especially the one on the water...VERY COOL, but man I think I would be freaking out!

Anonymous said...

It is in the genes... Chris did all those same things and has corrupted my two into thinking that all the dangerous sports ARE SO MUCH FUN!!! What little 6 year old girl who weighs a whole 44 lbs, at the time, needs a bigger quad that is made for 12 year olds and has gears! You ask Chris and he says Kayla. Tyler is now climbing anything he can find and jumping off. Maybe they will come up with a "Murray Discount" at the ER if we start taking them to the same one! Or we will both be labeled unfit mothers for allowing our children to partake in such activities... either way we are in this together!