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Family Photo

Monday, September 15, 2008

Taleah the Pack Mule

It's not a very glamorous title but it's what I am. I realized it yesterday when I was carrying 13 pound Maia in the Baby Bjorn, my 10 pound purse (complete with granola bars and half empty water bottles, no banana) on my right shoulder, and Maia's 5 pound diaper bag on my left shoulder.  I probably completed about 4 miles walking around the church carrying all this stuff in heels yesterday. Then, later when Ricky came with Noah, I somehow ended up with another 10 pound diaper bag and Noah. Ricky ended up with Maia. As we were heading to our car after church, walking uphill, Noah decided that he no longer wanted to walk and wanted me to pick him up. I yelled ahead to Ricky, telling him that Noah wanted to be carried. He told me to just make him walk without even glancing back. I muttered a few almost profanities under my breath, and slowly bent down as to not drop any of 3 bags on my shoulders and lifted 26 pound Noah onto my hip and proceeded to walk up the stairs. By the time I got to the car, Noah was hanging on to my shirt for dear life as he was sliding down my waist, the diaper bags were ripping into my forearms leaving red burn marks as they slid down my arms, sweat was dripping down my face, my back was pulsating in pain, and my feet were screaming at me to let me know that I was over my weight limit for them. When Ricky finally looked at me, I shot him a murderous stare and dropped everything on the floor including Noah (he landed on his feet by the way and almost took my shirt with him). Then, my chivalrous hubby burst into laughter and I couldn't help but laugh too at what a sight I must have been. He didn't realize how much I was carrying until I dropped it in my dramatic fashion in front of him. He was probably embarrassed too thinking of all the people we passed who saw a big 6 foot 1 guy holding his tiny baby girl and his wife walking 12 paces behind him loaded down like a pack mule, slowly losing her kid and her shirt. 
 Anyways later that night, I found myself holding my 10 lb purse, Maia's 5 lb diaper bag, and a 30 pound car seat with Maia in it. There really is no way around it. I must always be carrying something heavy because I have 2 babies. I have been told that my arms are looking toned . People always comment on how I lost weight so fast after my second baby. They ask where I find the time to work out. I now have an answer: "I am a Pack Mule."

P.S. I am hoping to include a picture soon just so you can see how ridiculous I look and feel sorry for me. Stay tuned. 


Jen Resendez said...

I guess I need to have 2 kids to get skinny and toned! Is that what you are saying? If yes, tell me...I will start trying to pop them out ASAP!

Sarah said...

I'm just wondering why I'm not so skinny and toned!?! ... Eli is a full 10 pounds heavier than Noah, and my older 2 kids are constantly asking me to hold all of their crap (er, I mean stuff) too!!


Sarah N. said...

I pack way too much for my kids.. now that the baby is 2 - I can just pack things in the car and not carry so much on me. If some pees their pants or spills fruit punch on their shirt, we go to the car. My car is not clean - but I don't have to carry so much anymore.. ONE DAY!

Joy said...

You need to write everyday !! Reading your blog is my new favorite pass time, the only thing better would be a venti pumkin spice latte at starbucks reading them.