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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mask the Goats Please

We took out a loan today to enjoy a couple of hours at the L.A. County Fair. What a rip off! I have never been a very big fan of the Fair but I didn't want Noah to be deprived of the opportunity because his mother is too cheap to take him. So, we went today for a total of 3 hours and spent close to $80.00 and what do I have to show for it, you ask? Well, blisters on my feet from the 5 mile trek from the $10.00 parking spot to the actual Fair and the 10 mile walk on the inside, 2 sunburnt kids and 1 sunburnt mom, an empty bank account, and a kid who may have contracted whooping cough from the petting zoo goats.

I almost asked the goats if I could please speak to their manager after two of them coughed a nasty phlemy cough right in Noah's face. There we were feeding the funny looking sheared sheep and the aggressive goats. Noah's hand were getting more and more goat slobber on them by the second and I was trying to ignore that he kept putting them in his mouth. All of a sudden I heard a really nasty phlegmy cough close by. I quickly scanned my surroundings for the sick child so that I could remove Noah from his/her germ area. But, to my surprise there were no kids near us, only animals. Then I heard the deep nasty cough again and realized the culprit was standing directly in front of Noah and coughing right in his face and he wasn't a child, he was a GOAT! It sounded like he was going to drop dead any second from smoking too many cigarettes. I could see the germs flying into Noah's face as he giggled at the goats funny noises. I quickly put my hand over Noah's mouth and nose and removed him from the sick goat's area. But as we started to feed another one, he too coughed his germs into my son's face. Are you kidding me? Why don't they put masks on these sick goats or at least teach them manners: cough to the side, not in kid's faces. Anyways, if any of you are planning to go to the fair, make sure you bring your Lysol and your face masks if you go to the petting zoo.
P.S. The one thing that I did enjoy was watching a big mama pig feeding 7 of her little curly tailed piglets. It was hilarious watching them all try to get a teat as she just laid there lazily snorting.

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Sarah said...

BLECH!! Note to self - don't forget the sanitizer when we go to the fair next week.

And the teats ... hmmmm ... so glad we share such an intimate, bonding experience (nursing) with such a graceful animal.