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Family Photo

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Trash and Laundry

When Ricky and I first got married, I established the rule that taking out the trash is his job. It is an unpleasant smelly, heavy, messy job, therefore girls should not be required to do that. I deemed it unladylike and off limits for me. However, I failed to mention that there are no chores off-limits for boys and it came back to bite me in the butt yesterday night...

Ricky: Noah has no clean clothes. I had to pull out a dirty shirt for him to wear today. I don't think his clothes have been washed in like three weeks. 

Me: You could throw his clothes in the wash ya know? It's not that difficult! 

Ricky: What?! I'm not a girl!

Me: (gasp) You don't have to be a girl to do laundry. (pause) You chauvinistic pig! (for emphasis)

Ricky: You don't have to be a  guy to take out the trash... you chauvinistic pig! 

Me: shoot, shoot, shoot...I've got nothing...Touche, my dear.

I hate it when that happens! 

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