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Family Photo

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Clothes for Boys are a Waste of Money

Why did I think buying a white shirt for Noah was a good idea? Well, because a white t-shirt goes with almost anything. It's an easy outfit that I don't have to think about. As you can see from this picture, that white shirt was a waste of money. My child looks like he mopped the floor with his shirt (which he probably did since he likes to army crawl around the house sometimes). There really is no point in dressing my kid. His clothes are usually stained by the time breakfast is done. But, I can't let him run around in a diaper because 1. people will think I am a horrible mother 2. I'd have a huge mess on my hands because Noah knows how to take his diaper off. I guess I will just have to keep wasting my money on clothes for him. 


Jaclyn said...

At least those shorts Kelsey and I bought him have lasted this long!!

P.S. I don't think it gets better. Kelsey gets those same stains on his white shirts to this day :) Aye, boys!!

Sarah said...

Seriously, I think little boys actually attract dirt. I think we should try to get grants to fund first hand research on it. Then we could afford all the new clothes (and laundry detergent!) we need!

Plus, look on the "bright" side, you can bleach a white shirt!! :)