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Sunday, August 30, 2009

What Has Become of Me?

As my weekend comes to an end, I sit here reminiscing over the past few days and I realize that all I have talked about to anyone I have come in contact with this weekend is my son's poop and pee. I also realize that I have used the word "potty" maybe 200 million times in 3 days. What has become of me? I am an intelligent woman with aspirations of writing a book some day and yet all I have talked about for the past 3 days is Noah's Disney character "chonies," and how Noah only peed all over himself once and how he pooped in the potty 4 times total so far and how I now carry around a potty with me wherever I go. What is wrong with me?
I'd like to publicly apologize to whoever had to listen to my crazy potty talk this weekend. I apologize to the lady who I sat next to in church today. I am sure that you did not care to hear about the text my husband sent me informing me of the second "man poop" that Noah had left for him in the potty. I apologize to my cousin for bragging about Noah going pee twice in the public potty at the dinner table. I apologize to my sister-in-laws for running through the house holding Buzz Lightyear chonies and informing you of my inability to keep Noah's pee from squirting out of the toilet. And to my friend who just came up to me this morning at church to say hi, I apologize for immediately letting you know that "Noah only had to pee all over himself once to understand the whole potty training thing."
I know that all of you did not ask for any of this inappropriate information. Thank you for being so gracious and listening to my rants. ! I promise to bring back more variety to my conversations and to try and stay away from toilet stories...I'll just keep those for my blog!


Kathy said...

Haha- that is so funny. I can't stop talking about it either. I told those detectives all about him & his underware, and I swear I haven't stopped talking about potties since. I was so excited about the tiny flushable potties at church yesterday that I went on for a good couple of minutes with the guy working he looked at me politely with a strange stare and said "really?", and I babbled on with no social skills. I'm down for potty talk any time- you can always "brag" to me when you need a vent. I'll expect some exciting poop & pee texts.

Rebecca OReilly said...

I totally understand. Been there done that. I have to totally congratulate you for getting him trained soooooo young! All my kids were about 4 when we got them trained. My daughter will be 4 next Monday and she just got trained and into panties. I ran into a friend i haven't seen in a couple years at Target today getting her new panties and i did the SAME THING! Going on about her going on the potty and all that. To us moms it's a totally acceptable thing! I have been doing it too! No apologies to me necessary i should proably do some apologizing on my own over here to all my friends and family!