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Family Photo

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Dead Birdie and the Carnivorous Kitty

Today while taking the kids outside to let off some energy, Noah saw a bird carcass with the head missing. Here is the conversation that ensued:

Noah: What's that Mama?
Me: (Mind you I didn't have much time to think) It's a dead bird!
Noah: It's dead Mama? (Thoughtful pause). It's not working?... What happened?
Me: The kitty cat bit the bird and he died.
Noah: (with a look of horror and disgust) The kitty cat bite the bird and he dead?
Me: Yeah, let's go. That's gross...

As we turn to walk down the pathway Noah spots a bird feather on the floor making it's way over to him. His face fills with terror, he jumps out of its way, and runs to me for protection. "What's that mama?"

Great! I've traumatized my kid. He is now scarred for life and will be terrified of cats and birds and feathers and fur. Most of the time I am very sensitive with my answers to my 2 year old so as not to traumatize him. Today, I was obviously not on my game. I could have lied and said it was a funny shaped rock or trash or I could have ignored him and just kept walking, but nooooo, I had to tell him that it was a dead bird whose head was missing because a kitty cat bit it off!!! What was I thinking?! Now I will have to pay the consequences of having a scaredy cat (no pun intended) kid who has nightmares of kitty cats biting his head off. OY VEY!

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