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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Don't Mess With My Expensive Coffee

I've realized that I am very particular about my expensive coffee drinks. I get a little angry...okay A LOT vicious angry when my drink is not made properly. The good thing is that the baristas would never know because I don't have the guts to tell them. My husband is usually the lucky one who gets to hear my crazy rant after someone has just messed up my thousand dollar drink. Yesterday, I ordered my simple nonfat iced 1 pump vanilla carmel machiatto with whip cream and extra carmel (it's really not as complicated as it sounds and I refuse to admit that I am high maintenance no matter what the Starbucks test says) and the guy totally gipped me on the carmel sauce. As soon as I saw him pour the chintzy amount of carmel on my drink and put the lid on, my blood started to boil.
Are you kidding me? That is NOT extra carmel, that is like a drop of carmel. Are you like the "carmel rationer" or something? Is there a shortage of carmel in your store? Are you trying to save Starbucks money? I promise you they won't go out of business if you give me a decent amount of carmel...after all I did spend like $10 on this drink. Let me get a good look at your name tag...Mr. John ...I am going to talk to your manager and let him him know that you need a lesson in carmel pouring...maybe you should be assigned to clean the bathrooms all day every day until you learn the meaning of "extra carmel."
I smile sweetly and say thank you as he hands me my drink...he has no idea that I am a complete psycho and that I just fired him in my head.
As Chuck says, "The only reason people think you are good is because they can't read your thoughts." Mr. Barista John will never know...


Kathy said...

I am laughing at you right now. But I'm slightly scared to. I'm scared of the crazy coffee lady...actually if you want, we can dress up in some ghetto clothes and have a little "talk" with Mr. John...Psh-He better watch his back...carmel hoarder.

Anonymous said...

hahaha oh Taleah you are so funny, nd now that i work at STarbucks, i must tell you- i make the best 1 pump, extra carmel, carmel macchiatos....ever :)

Hope your summer is well!

Lauren Waldvogel