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Family Photo

Monday, August 31, 2009

Chonie Talk

Around here we call underwear "chonies." I just wanted to clear that up for anyone who does not know what I am talking about when I say "chonies." Now that you are informed I will get on with my post.
Today we had to buy Noah some more chonies because I just don't do laundry enough for him to only have 5 pairs of them. We took a family shopping trip to Target and lo and behold Noah spotted a package of Thomas the Train chonies! We added them to the cart and of course he had to go potty at that moment so that he could change into his new beloved Thomas underwear. I had to explain that we had to pay for them first and that we were not yet done shopping. That did not go over too well. He refused to let me take him to the potty. Plan B- I pointed out the security guard standing by the bathroom and told Noah that she would give him a ticket if he did not go potty right now and leave the Thomas chonies in the cart. My threat was effective, he went potty and I avoided a mess and a melt down.
After Target, we headed to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for some other items. The problem was that Noah would not part with his beloved Thomas chonies and requested to take them with him into the store. By this time the package was open and he had all three pairs ready to take with him in the store. I bartered with him and he agreed to only take one pair in with him. Great! I am sure people were wondering why my little boy was walking around a home goods store swinging chonies around with glee.
Tonight, he requested to sleep with them on, but since he still needs a diaper at night, we had a problem. My solution? Well, I told him he could hold all three pairs while he know? some kids hold a doll or a blankie? My kid holds Thomas chonies...three pairs of Thomas chonies. Noah was very pleased with this plan and is now asleep happily cuddling with 3 pairs of chonies. Is that weird?


Shay said...

No its not weird its called children. My son does some of the weirdest things. His newest thing is wearing his "chonies" over his pull up. It is effective because he doesn't want to pee on his spongebob. So he holds it til he gets to the potty.

Rebecca OReilly said...

My mom motto do what works whenever possible! You bargined very very well that day! I had to be barginning with my almost 4 yr old all day yesterday! I don't see how going to bed with his underwear is damaging at all. It's not like it's going to be brought up in counseling in 20 years. You have nothing to worry about. I give you an A+ for that day!