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Family Photo

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Little Mama

Today, I put Noah in time out for grabbing something out of Maia's hand. He does this from time to time when she has something that he wants and she usually goes flying across the floor as he rips the item out of her grasp. He is learning that this is unacceptable...meanwhile, Maia is learning how to be a mama! As he was sitting in time out today screaming and crying, Maia walks over to him points her little finger in his face puckers her cute lips and says, "No, no Wo-wah. No, no!" I stifled my laughter as much as possible and tried to remove her from the "time out" vicinity and explain that I am the mama and I could handle this one on my own. At least I know who to turn to when I am tired of doing the disciplining!

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