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Family Photo

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Little Guy

Even though age 2 has been peppered with some challenging moments, I must say that the good moments far outweigh the bad. My little guy brings me so much joy and laughter. He is all boy and yet has a sweet and gentle spirit about him. He adores his little sister and jumps to comfort her when she cries. He definitely does not like going anywhere without her.
I am in awe at his intellect and memory at such a young age. He remembers everything and communicates so clearly that sometimes I think I am speaking with a little man! One of my favorite things to do is to watch his face when he is processing information. I feel like I can see the thoughts connecting in his brain and beginning to make sense to him. He loves to sing and can often be heard making up his own songs but if I try to sing along with his made up songs, he is quick to tell me that I am not singing it right. He wants to pray to Jesus whenever I mention that someone is sick or that they got hurt. He enjoys wrestling and playing with all of his grandpas and uncles. And he loves to laugh. His hearty giggle makes my heart full.
One of the 2-year-old moments that I will never forget happened several days ago. We were in the car and Noah was chattering away as usual then he said "Mama?"..."I just love you." My heart melted into a puddle of love mush right there in the car!


Esther said...

What a sweetheart. He really LOVES his mama.

The 4 Moore's said...

OK, Taleah, you just fixed my day! I think I just turned into a puddle of love mush! That was so beautiful! Those are the things that DO make it ALL worth it. I know from experience! What's hard is to try and remember those moments when we are having a bad day!