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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Put on Your Mommy Face

I've run into a new parenting dilemma for which I was not prepared. You see, when Maia is trying to communicate with Noah and he does not understand her, she will run over to him, wind up, and smack him as hard as she can. This is also the way she reacts if he picks up a toy that she wants, if he gets food before she does, or if she just feels like hitting him. I told you, she is a feisty don't want to get on her bad side! The dilemma I am having has nothing to do with how to punish her and everything to do with my instinctual tendency to laugh out loud because it is hilarious to watch. How in the world is she going to take me seriously if I am laughing while trying to tell her that what she did is wrong? Yesterday, I had to turn around and bite my lip (so hard that I nearly bled) until I could compose myself to turn around and discipline her! It really is that funny. What do you do when you need to be serious with your children but what they did was just so funny that you can't help but laugh?


Rebecca OReilly said...

OHHHHH Been there done that. The only thing i can say is when you figure out what to do let me know!! I think you just pray for extra grace and mercy at those times. My husband and i have both had lip biting moments and had to leave the room. I wish i could just spit out some examples of what my kids did but at the moment at a loss. If i think of any i will shoot them your way. Good luck.

Chuck said...

I will try to get it on video!

Shay said...

I do exactly what you do I turn my head and bite my lip or I cover my face to avoid letting him see me laugh at his behavior. There are some things that are funny the first few times but we know that it is a bad habit. You can't help but laugh sometimes though.

veroPR said...

Definitely try and capture the magic on video!