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Friday, August 14, 2009

The Tiny Casket

A while ago, I posted a blog mentioning my pregnant friend who found out that her baby boy was not going to make it out of the womb alive. We prayed and begged God for a miracle. This was her first pregnancy and she was just so excited to be pregnant and to be a mommy. The doctor's said that the baby had severe abnormalities and that every bone in his body was broken. To protect Aly's health they had to induce labor when she was about 28 weeks pregnant. Baby Corban was born, took a few breaths, and then went home to be with Jesus. I can only imagine the pain that my friend and her husband must feel. They must ache to hold that little boy and stroke his tiny bruised face just once more. She must long to feel him kick and hiccup inside her womb for just one more day. Going to the funeral yesterday and seeing the petite casket in the front of the church was one of the most haunting sights I have ever seen. Caskets should never have to be made in that size.
Despite all this, after attending that funeral, I fell more in love with God. There was hope even in this devastating situation; there was light even though the situation seemed so dark. There was purpose and meaning to life. People met Jesus for the first time because of this little boy's death and for that, this couple was willing to sacrifice their baby. Long before this occurred, they had prayed for God to do whatever it took to bring their family members to know Him. God answered.
Do I have that kind of faith? Am I that in love with my Savior? Do I love people that much? Can I honestly say, "Lord do whatever it takes to bring the people I love into a relationship with you."
Pray for my friends today if you remember.


Nana said...

I pray for your friend and her family. For God's comfort, healing and calling the lost to himself through this sorrowful time. God's presence is always with us. He is in control and I rest with peace in my heart knowing that truth.

Bridget said...

Ugh..tears!!! I pray for your friend and her family. I can't imagine. Your right this little baby boy had a purpose, In the eternal perspective, Thank you Jesus lives were saved!

Tiffany said...

I know friend. I was in tears, praying constantly for a couple I do not even know..yet as a mother I just kept picturing her in the hospital waiting to give birth to a child she could only hold for a short time. I often asked myself if I have the kind of faith to give up my own children in order that those who don't know Him would. Such a bittersweet post T.