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Family Photo

Saturday, June 13, 2009

You Called Me Fat!

Taleah: (on the scale) OH MY GOSH! I've gained like 5 pounds in the last few weeks. I feel so bleh. I need to start working out.

Ricky: (silence)

Taleah: Baaaabe! We need to stop eating so bad. I can't believe I've gained FIVE pounds. This is ridiculous!

Ricky: Let's go for a run!

Taleah: Ummmm....the correct response is "There is NO way that you've gained 5 pounds babe! We need a new scale because that one is obviously broken." Do you realize that you just called me FAT by suggesting that we go running?

Ricky: (silence)

Taleah: Are you even listening to me? 

Ricky: Huh?...I just felt like going for a you coming? 

Taleah: Ugh! Yeah...I'm coming. Can we run to the grocery store and get some chocolate chip cookies?...


Sarah said...

hahahahah! You deserved your horrible walk today for expecting Ricky to be sympathetic of your 5lbs. :) He thinks you are always beautiful!

Emma-leigh said...

haha.. too funny. That sounds like a typical me and Mr.hubby conversation. And that sounds like the perfect run to me.