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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The "Phase"

Why do kids have to go through "phases?" I think I use the word "phase" at least once a day when talking about my kids. They are always going through some kind of "phase." And it is usually not a good "phase." We've been through biting phases, waking-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night phases, screaming phases, etc. However, I find the current "phase" that Noah is going through, particularly disturbing. What "phase" is that? Well, the one where he decides that he doesn't want to eat and if I force him to eat, then he keeps the food in his cheek forever and refuses to swallow it. It is ridiculous! The other day, he kept an orange and a carrot in his mouth for ONE HOUR! One hour! Who does that? I got so frustrated that I tried to scare him into swallowing it by telling him a spider was going to smell the food and come and crawl into his mouth and eat it if he didn't hurry up and swallow it. He waited for the spider...the spider didn't come. After an hour of storing it in his cheek, he spit the food out.
Of course he is getting skinnier by the day because meals consist of one bite swallowed and one bite stored in the cheek for an hour. Great! I am at my wit's end with this "phase"'s just food, swallow it! Argggghhh...please pray for this "phase" to end quickly or I may go buy a tarantula and let it loose during meal times.


Anonymous said...

Awesome tarantula idea!! I'll keep tuck it away in my parenting arsenal!

Nana said...

If he snacks on fruits and things that are healthy throughout the day, he'll be fine. I hear that kids do not starve themselves. When he's hungry he'll eat just enough. I hope it dosen't last long though. It is frustrating. Especially because he was such a good eater!

KathyRoberts said...

Caleb is in the exact same stage...Tim always says he survives on milk...definitely not my favorite "phase"!! I hate it when he doesn't eat, and it actually sometimes can ruin my day if I let it. I feel ya sister.