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Family Photo

Friday, June 5, 2009

How's My Day Going???

Well let's see...I was supposed to go to Glen Ivy for the annual Murray girls spa day but Maia came down with a fever last night so I had to cancel. Of course I diagnosed her with hand, foot, and mouth disease because I feel like I know it all, but I really have no clue what she has. I've changed a total of 4 poop diapers this morning even though I only have two kids who have been awake for only four hours. I've given 1 time-out and 1 spanking, taken Maia's temperature about 12 times, watched "Ratatouille" 3 times, begged Noah to use the toilet twice (and tried to bribe him by telling him he could see his poop if he used the toilet), and was a hero once when I killed the big spider with Windex. My house is a complete disaster but now that the kids are down for their naps, my will to clean is gone and I think I'll take one too.  But before I leave, here is the quote of the day...

While changing Maia's second poopy diaper, Noah who is watching closely says, "You keening the dirt off Maia's butt, Mommy?" 

Just another day in Paradise! 


KathyRoberts said...

Oh nooo! This was supposed to be like a lifestyles of the rich and famous day for you!! :( So sad...we'll have to make up for it soon...I'm always down to go spa-ing. :)

Nana said...

I laughed so much it brought tears to my eyes. Never a dull moment with those two.