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Family Photo

Friday, June 19, 2009

It's My Own Dang Fault!

Where do I start, hmmmm...this morning Noah woke up and was super hungry. I fed him his morning milk, whole wheat toast with pure fruit jelly, and some fresh mango. After eating all this he informed me that he was not feeling well. This made sense since he threw up all over his grandma yesterday, I had just assumed he was over it. Well, he wasn't. We made it to the bathroom but not totally to the toilet when he puked up all items from breakfast. I cleaned and gagged and tried to soothe him all at the same time. Meanwhile, Maia sat in her high chair i the living room screaming for some attention. Once cleaned, Noah wanted to eat some more, I gave him some plain whole wheat toast this time and he seemed fine. I decided to continue on with my original plan of taking the kids to the "Summer Fun Movie" Horton Hears a Who at the Harkins theater. I can't pass up a deal and free air conditioning ($2.00 for the movie...and the kids are free). I loaded as many snacks as I possibly could fit in the diaper bag, made myself look semi-presentable, gathered the kids, and a puke towel (just in case) and headed out the door. 
  I should have known this was a completely idiotic idea from the start. The last time Ricky and I took the kids to the movies, it was a disaster. They sat still for 45 minutes until the snacks ran out and then had a melt down in the movie theater and we had to leave. Why did I think I could do it this time, by myself, with a pukey kid? Like I said, I am a sucker for a bargain. Anyways, we made it into the movie, with the perfect seats (Last row on the bottom section end seats) ideal for running out with a puking kid and not spraying anyone. Of course Noah wants to eat as soon as the movie starts so I start unloading snacks on the both of them, fresh peaches, blueberries, whole wheat crackers, and green beans. About 25 minutes in, Noah says he doesn't feel good. Oh Shoot! I look around for the puke towel and realize I forgot it in the car, quick plan b, plan b...I empty out all contents of the diaper bag and throw them in my purse and put the empty diaper bag on Noah's lap and whisper to him to throw up in there while trying not to let the families around us know what is going on. He looks at me and says, "I okay now mommy." Phew! False Alarm! 
  As soon as I felt I could finally breathe, Maia decides to have a melt down. Screaming and crying, throwing her water cup, and spitting out the snacks that I am trying to shove in her mouth to shut her up. I whisper to Noah that we are going to have to go and he begins to have a freak out whining loudly and shouting, "I wanna watch the movie, mama!" I harshly whisper "Okay, we can stay, be quiet!" I pick Maia up and stand at the entry way where I can still see Noah's seat and I try to get Maia to stop throwing a fit. It works for all of 5 minutes before she realizes that the exit door is right behind us. She wants out but Noah wants in. What do I do? About 5 minutes later, I left the theater with two SCREAMING children throwing fits. I swear I heard cheers coming from the auditorium as we walked out. There were a ton of other kids in that movie and yet my two were the only ones crying...of course. I feel bad for pulling Noah out of the movie because his sister was crying so I tell him that I will take him another day without Maia. This stops the sobs and he says, "Maia's a bad girl!" Oy vey! 


The 4 Moore's said...

WOW, you are brave and crazy;) Thats worse than me taking both my kids to an annual pap appt. ;)

KathyRoberts said...

Oh shoot- that last line made me laugh out loud: "Maia's a BAD girl!" Too stinkin funny...what a day!

Bridget said...

I'll tell you what you did gave them grean beans at the movies....what's wrong with you???? I'd be crying too! time give them buttery popcorn full of salt and an icee and I'm sure they will be quiet LOL!!! just giving you a hard time :)~hope to see you guys tomorrow:)