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Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Helpful Post for the Moms

First of all here is an update on the "Phase" post: Noah is done with "the keeping his food in his mouth forever phase" at least for now. The past few days he has been eating everything in sight and can't seem to get enough food. I definitely prefer this phase to the last! Now back to my post...
  As many of you may know I am crazy about my kids eating healthy. They do not eat any refined sugar and I try my best to keep their diets as natural as possible. I am always on the prowl for easy, un-messy, and healthy snacks for the kids. What you see above is my new favorite. It is 100% fruit that is freeze-dried and put into individualized packages. Each package equals 2 fruit servings and has no added sugar or additives. My kids love these and they are so easy and not-messy (the strawberry-banana ones are messy though so I only let them have those ones in their high chairs). This is a must have for all mommies who don't have time to cut fresh fruit everyday or time to clean up the mess from fresh fruit! You can find these at Costco in the snack section. 


Lauren said...

It is so great that you're tryiing to keep your kids (and presumably you & your hubby) eating healthy and all natural. You mentioned that you are always looking for quick and easy snacks...and I just wanted to introduce you to Wildtree. Although they don't sell "eat out of the box snacks" everything Wildtree is 100% natural, no preservatives, no artificial colors or sweeteners, no High fructose corn syrup, no MSG. And they are ABSOLUTELY the easiest way I've found to whip up healthy meals and snacks. Wildtree is a really young company, so you may not have even heard of it yet -- it's all direct sales. Feel free to check out my website -- and let me know if you need more infomation.

From now until July 1, I am actually donating $1 from every purchase made on my site to Domestic Violence Awareness. Great cause, great food!

Have a great day.

P.S. loved reading about your day with sweet. :)

Brianna said...

I found these a few years ago and LOVE them. Soooo good. And of course I'm to lazy to cut fruit so this is perfect.

Jennifer Lynch said...

I just found these at Sam's Club! They have similar freeze-dried fruit at Trader Joe's but since stupid Utah doesn't have TJ's, these will do nicely. At least until my mom brings another shipment of TJ's on her next trip out here!

Jennifer Lynch said...

Oh, I also like the all natural fruit leather at TJ's and the Stretch Island Fruit Co fruit leather found in bulk at Costco. Just fruit puree and no extra sugar!

Heather said...

These are great!! I rarely go to Sam's because it's a long drive for us, but I think I might just make a trip there just for these handy snacks :) Thanks for sharing!!